Wearwell Launches Ergonomic Matting and Flooring for the Industrial Athlete


Every day, companies take the field in the world’s most demanding & competitive team sport – business! Supplying your team with the latest in matting and flooring technology from Wearwell can provide you with a competitive edge on game day. Wearwell works onsite with safety managers and facility owners to create the best flooring solutions for industrial environments. The results are staggering: Reduced slip and fall accidents, Increased productivity, Fewer sick days, Happier workers, and Heightened morale… a team victory ANY company can embrace!


Haws New Product Announcement
Model AX13, AXION Advantage™ eye/face wash upgrade system.
The Haws AX13 AXION Advantage eye/face wash system is designed to replace outdated, under-performing or in some cases, non-conforming installed emergency eyewashes with the medically superior AXION MSR™ performance. Also Avail in Stainless Steel. AX13
Model 7501FP, freeze protected 9 gallon (34.1 L) portable gravity fed eyewash
Freeze protected, compact portable Model 7501FP is ideal for remote locations. Using gravity to supply a continuous flow of clean water to injured personnel for a full 15 minutes at .4 gpm (1.5) 7501FP


The Sullivan Group 21st annual Golf outing was held September 13th.
The weather was perfect and a great time was had by all.